Findster Trackers

So you all know I love blankets, babies and dogs – not necessarily in that order of course, ha ha! Blankets generally stay put where you keep them, but not so much with kids and dogs, right? In fact, those two have an uncanny ability to get lost in a blink of an eyelid!

boy with dogSo it is most important to know exactly where your pets and kids are at all times. These are your most precious possessions, and keeping them safe comes pretty high on almost everybody’s priority lists. Enter Findster – they have trackers for both kids and dogs – totally my kind of thinking!

I have researched the pet trackers a bit more, but presumably the kid ones work in a similar same way. Basically, with the pet trackers, there is a two piece set – called the Findster Duo Plus. One of these pieces is to be attached to your dog (on the collar typically), and the other piece stays with you. Using specific technology, these two pieces can talk to each other over a significant range. You can use your mobile phone app to track your pet’s location. Most pet trackers have monthly fees that add up to significant amounts over time, but one of the greatest parts about Findster Duo Plus is that there are no monthly fees at all! You can find out more details if you read some Findster Duo Plus Reviews.

At a quick glance, it seemed like the kid version of the tracker worked in a very similar way. So if you like the product for your pet, you may want to get one for your kid too!